Shaun Livingston: The player who almost got his leg amputated and the NBA champion

Shaun Livingston miraculously returned four terrible injuries at the same time, playing 14 more seasons and ending his career with three NBA championships.

In 2007, Shaun Livingston suffered the most terrible injury in the history of basketball, even sports. Livingston’s left knee flexed after a failed landing in the basket. The knee was completely disfigured, filled with blood and oozed pus. Speaking to The Undefeated in 2016, he said he couldn’t move it. He felt like he had an extra leg.

Livingston had a mixture of trauma that included a tearing of the anterior cross ligament, a tear in the posterior cross ligament, a torn ligament between the knee and ruptured meniscus. In other words, Livingston’s left knee was completely destroyed. The injury was so serious that ESPNews had to issue a warning to the audience on television.

Doctors used to think that Livingston had to amputate part of Livingston’s left leg to prevent his knee from becoming necrotic. Livingston’s promising career came to a close after that trauma. Fortunately, Livingston did not have to amputate and performed normal surgery. However, many medical experts believe that Livingston will lose the ability to play basketball after recovering.

Livingston miraculously recovered after 16 months of serious effort and training. However, the Los Angeles Clippers decided not to renew their contract with Livingston. Clippers physiotherapist Tony Daly told ESPN that this is the most serious injury a player can experience in his knee. He may be out of action for many years to come.

Livingston started his return to the basketball court, playing for eight different teams in 11 NBA seasons. He never developed his expected potential. He entered the final years of his glorious career when he joined the Golden State Warriors in 2014.

Livingston acted as a substitute for Stephen Curry and Klay Thompson at the Oracle Arena. He has something many players who have strived for their careers still cannot touch is the NBA championship. Livingston won three NBA titles in his five seasons with the Warriors.

The Livingston story has become an inspiration for generations of players who unfortunately suffered serious injuries in the future. In September 2019, Livingston announced his retirement after 15 years of top competition.

Could Kentucky basketball host an SEC-only bubble?

Despite uncertainty surrounding university sports and the logistics of how soccer and basketball seasons may want to be performed safely in the midst of a pandemic, NCAA Senior Vice President of Basketball Dan Gavitt dropped a bomb to start the month of August.

In an interview with’s Andy Katz, Gavitt now not solely demonstrated the NCAA was once nevertheless planning an on-time start to university basketball on November 10, but brought that he used to be “certain” they’d find a way to play this season as lengthy as the game is “being played safely somewhere in the world.”

So what would “different” suggest for college basketball? This afternoon, university basketball insider Jon Rothstein broke the news that various energy conferences have had early discussions about playing games in a “bubble” kind setting, including that it’s a route gaining traction due to student-athletes’ capacity to take on line classes.

While the SEC is no longer one of the leagues in present day discussions about a university basketball bubble – Jeff Goodman mentioned that the Big East and Big Ten have been the first two conferences to do so – the Kentucky basketball application has in reality hooked up its own bubble to get players on campus and settled in safely.

“We’re safe as long as no one’s breaking the bubble,” UK head teach John Calipari advised the media back in July. “We’re just trying to defend against all that stuff. And we’re unique. I mean, we’re in the (Wildcat Coal) Lodge the place they’re in a single room with a single bathroom. They stroll throughout the parking lot (and) they’re in a sterile gym that no one else is using. No one else is in the building. Conditioning is outside.

Kentucky basketball’s bubble has no longer solely allowed student-athletes to cross into their dorms and get pictures up from time to time, they’ve been able to research the system with coaches on hand. Before giving gamers a one-week spoil to head domestic and see their households – the group will be again in its entirety on Sunday – UK used to be in a position to get its first look at a 5-man offense with the new group.

With Calipari’s self-proclaimed gold popular of sterile bubbles working to close to perfection, ought to the SEC seem to be to Kentucky for idea involving comparable on-campus bubbles to resume the season?

In this scenario, though, the SEC would have to go ahead with a conference-only schedule, comparable to the tough pass they made in football. As difficult as it would be to leave out out on high-profile activities and contention matchups, a conference-only schedule would probably be the solely way to keep away from man or woman contract disputes with non-conference foes, especially with smaller schools.

This past year, Kentucky’s SEC agenda began on January 4 with a domestic matchup against Missouri and ended with on March 7 with a avenue win over Florida. When you take out the team’s avenue trip to Lubbock, TX to take on Texas Tech on Jan. 25, the entire 18-game conference slate used to be carried out in roughly two months. The SEC’s ten-game conference-only soccer schedule is currently scheduled to commence on Sept. 26, with a midseason bye week and open date for all programs on Dec. 12 prior to the SEC Championship being performed on Dec. 19. 14 scheduled weeks for the university football season.

The University of Kentucky has announced November 24 as the final day of in-person instructions this fall in hopes of getting students off campus by Thanksgiving. After participating in man or woman preseason camps and getting shut to game shape at their own respective on-campus basketball facilities, the different 13 faculties may want to head to Lexington for a quarantine duration beginning, say, Saturday, Nov. 14. The SEC and character colleges would have to signal off on athletes moving to online-only training a week earlier than initially planned.

NBA players, for instance, entered the ESPN Wide World of Sports Complex bubble in Orlando beginning July 7 and exhibition video games started on July 22, followed by means of legitimate video games returning July 30.

While this state of affairs would maximize time with students off campus (UK’s Spring Semester is tentatively set to begin Jan. 13), the season should also start in January and end “on time” if the SEC is hellbent on pushing matters returned to 2021.

How to practice rebound in basketball to get the best effect

  1. What is rebound in basketball?

In basketball terms, rebound is a basic move / technique that any player must understand and learn. Rebound also known as catching the ball turned on the board. Rebound occurs when the player takes possession of the ball after a missed throw / a missed shot from the backboard (which may be a normal throw, a 3-point throw or a free throw) from the player / himself team or opponent. There are only two main types of rebound basketball, including:

Offensive rebounds: the attacking team misses the ball, catches the ball and makes the next throw.
Defendsive rebounds: defending team catches the ball when the attacking team misses a throw.

  1. How to rebound in basketball

Many people often mistakenly think that only players with good height will have a high rebound index. However, anyone can improve this skill if they practice the following rebound exercises regularly.

Practice jumping

To win bigger opponents in the rebound dispute, you have to be able to jump better than them. The exercises that help this ability can be mentioned as skipping rope, squat, weight lifting, …

Guess the direction of the ball

Playing sports not only strengthens your body but also requires quick thinking especially for rebound skills. First of all, you have to stand before the basket half the distance from the basket to the free throw line. Next, you throw the ball hard on the board and when the ball bounces out, try to guess the direction, catch the ball completely and land on stability.

Rebound attack

This is one of the important techniques to bring high efficiency in basketball competition. Players need to practice additional throwing skills after catching the ball turned on the board from the team throw slip. To practice, players need to stand about 6-7 feet away from the basket, throw the ball to turn on the board, catch the ball and continue to perform throws.

Rebound tips-in

It can be said that this is the most difficult technique to rebound in basketball because it requires players to have a great physical strength. The way to practice like rebound attacks differs only when the ball bounces, the player needs to judge the right time to jump and try to contact the ball with the fingers. This exercise requires players to change positions constantly to get the best ball feeling.

Nation-Leading 17 Wildcats on NBA Restart Rosters

The reputable season will resume July 30 to determine which groups make the NBA Playoffs. The 22 teams in Orlando consist of the 16 groups (eight per conference) in modern-day playoff positions and the six teams that are presently six games or fewer in the back of the eighth seed in their respective conferences (nine whole in the Eastern Conference and thirteen in the Western Conference). Exhibition video games started out Wednesday.

The NBA Playoffs will begin Aug. 17 in the usual 16-team playoff discipline – the exception being that all video games will be played in Orlando. There will be no stay target market or tickets on hand for the remaining 2019-20 season restart games thru the NBA Finals due to COVID-19 health protocols.

The Wildcats in the NBA restart determine to play a distinguished position in some of the predominant storylines, chief among them Anthony Davis. In his first season with the Los Angeles Lakers, Davis is in the dialogue for his first NBA MVP award. He is averaging 26.7 points, 9.4 rebounds and 2.5 blocks for the Lakers, who lead the Western Conference with a 49-14 record.

Jamal Murray, averaging 18.8 points, 4.8 assists and 3.9 rebounds earlier than the break, has the Denver Nuggets primed for a top playoff spot in the West, as does the Thunder’s Gilgeous-Alexander, who has shortly become one of the game’s budding stars in his 2nd season.

In the Eastern Conference, Eric Bledsoe has performed a leading position for the Milwaukee Bucks, who own the NBA’s fine document at 53-12. Enes Kanter has made a predominant have an effect on in his first season with the Boston Celtics, who currently maintain the No. 3 seed. And the Miami Heat, led through the leap forward season of Bam Adebayo and sensational rookie campaign from Tyler Herro, are currently in the fifth spot in the East.

A handful of Wildcats are in search of their first NBA postseason appearance, which include Devin Booker with the Phoenix Suns. Booker, as soon as again one of the league’s fine younger scorers with a 26.1 average, is coming off his first NBA All-Star appearance. Three whole Wildcats (Adebayo, Booker and Davis) have been chosen for the February All-Star Game.

When the 2019-20 season began, a marvelous 29 players on NBA opening-day rosters (including two-way and inactive lists) performed and completed their university basketball careers at the University of Kentucky. Underscoring the fact that no different college in the country can match UK’s potential to advance players and put them in the NBA, UK’s 29 players have been six more than the next-closest college (Duke with 23).

Kentucky has loved unparalleled success at placing gamers in the NBA below Calipari. In the 10 drafts of the Calipari era, 38 gamers have been chosen in the NBA Draft, greater than any other school. Included in the latest run are 29 first-round picks, three No. 1 universal picks (Davis, Karl-Anthony Towns and John Wall) and 21 lottery selections.

Calipari’s players are not only achieving the subsequent level, they are succeeding when they do. His gamers have garnered 23 All-Star selections, with Davis winning the game’s MVP honor in 2017. Derrick Rose was once named league MVP in 2011. Five of his players have been tabbed All-NBA (Rose, Wall, Davis, DeMarcus Cousins and Towns), three have been named NBA Rookie of the Year (Rose, Tyreke Evans and Towns), and 12 gamers from Calipari’s first 9 groups at Kentucky made the NBA All-Rookie teams.

Using figures compiled by means of and, Calipari-coached gamers solely (which includes Rose however not Rondo) have amassed greater than $2.26 billion in career NBA contracts. In the 10 seasons Calipari has been the head teach at Kentucky, his players have totaled nearly $1.9 billion in NBA contracts.

In simply the 2019-20 season alone, UK gamers are slated to make more than $255 million. Calipari-coached gamers only (which includes Rose however now not Rajon Rondo) will make greater than $260 million.

Calipari has had at least one participant chosen in the pinnacle 10 of the draft in every of the last 12 seasons, courting back to his time at Memphis. No other school or educate in the usa has had a first-round pick in each of the final eleven seasons. Calipari is the solely teach in the history of the recreation to have 4 players drafted No. 1 standard (Rose – 2008, Wall – 2010, Davis – 2012, Towns – 2015).

The most NBA’s strongest basketball team

Golden State Warriors – The strongest basketball team in the world
Reaching 5 consecutive finals in recent seasons, and winning 3 of the last 5 NBA championships in 2015, 2017, 2018. No one can doubt the dominance of the team from California state in this arena. Historically, this team has also had 3 other championships. Golden State Warriors deserves to be the strongest NBA basketball team today.

Owning the most talented players in the basketball world in the world today such as: Klay Thompson, D’Angelo Russel, Draymond Green, … And one of the greatest pitchers in NBA history – Stephen Curry. The Golden State Warriors basketball team continues to be expected to win the 7th championship in the NBA. After the unfortunate defeat at the finals last year to maintain the title of the strongest basketball team in the world right now.

Boston Celtics – NBA’s strongest basketball team
Possessing 17 championships at the planet’s most prestigious basketball tournament and 21 championships across the region. The Boston Celtics becomes the strongest NBA basketball team. The team is always a monument that is hard to break. Although no longer maintain the style and maintain its position as the strongest basketball team in the world at the present time. But with the fulcrum of achievements, fans have the right to hope for a strong comeback of Boston in the near future.

Los Angeles Lakers – The basketball team owns the most legends in the world
Referring to the Los Angeles Lakers, besides the familiar yellow-purple color, fans still remember the team with the names that brought NBA to the world as Kobe Bryant, Shquille O’Neal, Kareem Abdul-Jabbar, … This is also the name that is closely following the Boston Celtics button with a record of 16 NBA championships along with 23 regional championships. Therefore, this is the team that any star wants to contribute once in a lifetime.

Meaning Behind Jersey Numbers of NBA Stars

The number of jerseys in basketball has extremely special meanings. It is not only a symbol for each player but also a number to help distinguish and identify players in the same team or rival team. The following article will share with you the meaning of the shirt number in basketball and the numbers associated with basketball legends.

The number of jerseys certainly does not directly affect the players’ ability to play basketball. However, the shirt number always has a certain meaning to the players, especially very important for the fans. As a basketball player, everyone has some tight shirts from the first time they play and so do the NBA basketball stars. Let’s find out the meaning of NBA superstar shirt numbers!

No. 23 of the legendary American basketball professional – Michael Jordan

If you’re a basketball fan, when it comes to the number of 23 stars in basketball, we can’t help but mention Michael Jordan. Speaking of which, you probably understand the meaning of the number of shirts in basketball. Michael Jordan, nicknamed Air Jordan, wears 23 and is known for his trademark Dunk plays for the Chicago Bulls.

Lebron James numbers 6 and 23

Many Lebron Jame fans all mention the beloved number 6 in the early days when Jame joined Miami Heat. The number 6 shirt made King Jame’s name when this player was rated on par with Michael Jordan wearing the number 23 shirt because of his talent in basketball.

Basketball shirt number 35 in basketball star Kevin Durant

Few fans know what Kevin Durant’s number 35 means to remember Charles Craig’s age. Charles Craig is a teacher, a coach, a father who has been caring for Kevin Durant since the age of 8. In memory of Charles Craig, Durant chose the number 35 as the number of jerseys in his basketball career.

Through the above article, you probably partly understand what the number of shirts in basketball is like. Right now choose an impressive number of shirts or shirts before you learn basketball.

The best basketball players in history

Let’s take a look at the names that are considered to be legendary throughout the long history of basketball.

Basketball is one of the most popular sports in the United States as well as in the world. Many athletes have become immortal monuments in the hearts of fans. Here are 10 names that are considered to be the best throughout the history of the sport.

  1. Michael Jordan
    Michael Jordan is the obvious name whenever people talk about basketball. Not even 1 view, but most of us have once heard of this basketball legend.

He spent 18 years from 1985 to 2003 playing football across stadiums in the United States. Michael has played 15 NBA seasons, winning 6 NBA championships.

Michael Jordan is considered the top NBA scorer of all time.

  1. Kobe Bryant
    The late legend spent all 20 years playing football just for the Los Angeles Lakers.

Kobe is one of the two best defenders in NBA history, as the best scoring defenders. The other is the legend Michael Jordan mentioned above.

Talent but fate is what people say about Kobe. The 1978-born legend died at the age of 42 after a plane crash in early 2020.

  1. Kareem Abdul-Jabbar
    Kareem Abdul-Jabbar is one of the greatest NBA basketball legends. Abdul-Jabbar is the top scorer in the NBA to the present time. He spent 20 years of his career playing for Milwaukee Bucks (1969-1975) and Los Angeles Lakers (1975-1989).

Different from anyone on this list, the legendary Abdul-Jabbar often appears on the field with white plastic glasses (quite similar to midfielder Davids in football).

  1. Shaquille O’Neal
    Shaquille O’Neal is an interesting case among the names on this list. In addition to his talent for playing football, he is also known for his ability to read Rap and his interest in acting.

This living legend has released a total of 4 rap albums, and also attended 2 movies throughout his career.

Shaquille O’Neal is one of the greatest strikers in the American professional basketball league.

How Hard Is It to Get into The NBA? (part 3)

NBA competition rate is extremely high. Every year, tens of thousands of basketball players in the world practice and compete with the hope of catching the eye of NBA scouts. If only within the United States, the odds of getting into the NBA are extremely high.

Usually high school basketball teams in the US are divided into 3 levels. The players have to compete fiercely to be able to occupy a position in the main team. Next, the players must be the main stars that can hope to receive scholarships or join the teams in NCAA Division 1 (the highest level student basketball in the United States).

The NCAA is home to some of the best players in high school and 4200. However, only about 50-60 NCAA players are selected into the NBA each year. In addition, young talents at the NCAA also face competition from thousands of professional basketball players playing outside the United States.

NBA is the most attractive and talented basketball tournament in the world. Players must compete hard and impress most to be one of the 30 NBA teams selected.

NBA consists of 30 teams, the list of teams in the NBA tournament is a list of all NBA teams playing in Eastern and Western conferences. The first NBA basketball championship trophy was created and awarded in 1977 by designer Tiffany & Co. The 18-kilogram trophy, originally named after Walter A. Brown (who turned Boston into a basketball mecca) was later renamed in 1984 after former commissioner Larry O’Brien.

30 basketball teams will battle through 82 regular matches to have a chance to take home the NBA basketball championship trophy. Each winning team is allowed to hold the NBA basketball cup that year and each player in the winning team will receive their own NBA championship ring. These rings are like a symbol and a personal reminder of the achievements they’ve achieved in the last tournament and made them continue to try harder.

How to choose the best and most appropriate basketball

Basketball is a modern and dynamic sport that is loved by young people. The following article will show you how to choose the best basketball ball.

  1. Shape of a basketball

The ball is made of 8 pieces assembled into black grooves, the width of the groove of the ball does not exceed 0.635cm.

  1. Basketball ball size

Depending on the age and object of practice, the size of a basketball will vary to fit. Currently on the market there are many types of balls with different sizes. However, the most typical are 6 sizes from size 1 to size 6. Each size is for different ages.

There are 2 types of balls commonly used indoors and outdoors. Indoor balls are usually made of leather, outdoor balls are usually made of rubber.

  1. Weight of the basketball

The weight of the ball is not less than 567 grams and not heavier than 650 grams. Like the size, the weight of a basketball for each different object type, different ages will vary. Children who play basketball will use small weight basketball balls. For adults, especially adolescents, students will need larger weight basketball balls.

  1. The elastic force of a basketball

Due to the nature of the sport, basketball balls often have to hit the ground a lot, so you should also check the elasticity when choosing basketball balls. A standard basketball must be inflated so that when the ball falls from a height of 1.8m, it can bounce from 1.2 to 1.4m, it is a good ball, which can be practiced comfortably. The more hollow a ball is, the better it is for the ball to bounce.

  1. Processing quality of the ball and how to wrap the basketball

Playing basketball is very expensive when you have to buy a lot of balls. Because when playing ball the ball often hit the ground. Over a long time, it will be easy to peel off the glue. You should choose good gloss meticulous joints, good adhesion, which can be used for long periods without peeling off glue or tearing the skin. If the ham is cheap and chooses a poor quality ball, even if it is new, the gap can be seen.

How Hard Is It to Get into The NBA? (part 2)

It was not until 1975 that the 2nd professional basketball tournament in the world was born, that is the Philippine Professional Basketball League (PBA). This is the first professional basketball tournament in Asia and the 2nd oldest in the world after the NBA. The factors mentioned above are thought to be the major reason why the NBA and the US basketball platform have a big gap with the rest of the world.

How good is the NBA?

The NBA began to grow and become popular around the world in the 1990s with the appearance of basketball legend Michael Jordan and the great vision of the late president David Stern. The constant reforms and attraction from Jordan helped NBA rise to become the world’s leading sports tournament.

In 2014, chairman Adam Silver took over the hot seat left by David Stern. He constantly changes and adds rules to make basketball games more interesting. Additional rules are aimed at making the game fairer and keeping the audience in the NBA.

An important factor that makes every player want to play in the NBA is the huge income. According to the Basketball Reference, the average salary of players in the NBA is nearly $ 7 million / year. The NBA is also the highest paid sports tournament in the world.

In addition, players can make more money if they reach the star of the tournament. They can get millions of dollars contract from famous shoe brands or become the face of brands.

Most importantly, the NBA is home to the best basketball players in the world. Excellent players in basketball fields outside the United States have been playing in the NBA. These factors make NBA a basketball paradise. Money, fame and competition with the best are what every player aspires to touch.