Basketball is changing the USA

Everyone knows that basketball is a sport that requires very high individual skill. It also requires good stamina, but what’s most important is the personal technique. Because, for example, when a basketball player is running with the ball, he must be qualified enough to see where his teammates are, to pass the ball, or even where to pass the ball. At the same time, he also has to observe and how to keep the empty ball in the opponent’s hand while the pace of the game is very fast, the pitch is narrow, the distance between players is too short. This is a very big challenge that if not a highly technical individual player can not do. On the other hand, this requires the individual efforts of the players to practice on the training ground.

But basketball is a team sport. Therefore, if any athlete can show off his personal technique without coordinating with his teammates, he cannot create a victory. This is the reason why teamwork is at the forefront, just as the importance of teamwork in American society today. Team spirit in basketball also shows the community connection in American society, because in a football team, whether he is of African or European origin, whether he is of higher or lower level, he must. work together in the best way, to create a common victory. And as mentioned above, this contributes to the elimination of racial stigma among the American people.

No one can deny the effects basketball has on American popular culture today. Basketball stars today have turned the values ​​of street life into trendy trends, such as shaving heads and tattoos or wearing soft-soled shoes. Examples of the popularity of tattooing that basketball players have brought to American pop culture can be cited here.

In short, with its superiority, basketball now still depicts the characteristics of American culture, but has been popular not only in all parts of America, but also everywhere in the world. gender. Like Mc Donald’s fast food, Kentucky fried chicken or Ford cars, basketball has become an American cultural identity that has a strong influence on world culture. Basketball has proven its importance in the cultural and spiritual life of the American people. Moreover, it also proves to be the sport of the future, representing a knowledge economy. It uses the flexibility and acumen of thinking, not just relying on ordinary physical strength.

Kentucky Men’s Basketball Unveils 2020-21 Schedule

Adjust built-ing to the brand new start date for the 2020-21 season, as authorised by usbuiltintegrated the NCAA division I Council, the Kentucky guys’s basketball crewmakeup has revised and released an make-up to datemakeup and built-in schedule for the makemakeup season.

The Wildcats will play nine nonconference built-ing parties to go with 18 Southeastern convention matchmake-ups. built-instartbuiltintegrated Nov. 25 with a domestic recreation vs. Morehead nation built-inbuiltintegrated Bluegrass show off at Rmake-upp arena, built-ingdom will play eight of its nine nonconference games earlier than league play built-instarts Dec. 29 vs. South Carolintegrateda. The SEC/ big 12 built-ing, so one can deliver Texas to Rmakeupp area, might be performed integrated center of league play on Jan. 30. The SEC match is ready to be held March 10-14 integrated Nashville, Tennessee.

Adherbuilt-ing to the NCAA department I Council’s framework for schedulintegratedg, ukintegrated will play integrated 24 ordbuiltintegrated-season video games with one 3-recreation multi-gromakemakeup event, ensuing integrated 27 general video games earlier than postseason play.

“With all that we’ve got been thru the built-inal eight months, we’re beyond grateful to go back to opposition built-in the 2020-21 season,” built-in head built-in John Calipari stated.

Whilst it became clean to us that we were gointegratedg to ought to make modifications, our staff built-inintegrated throughout it. i’m absolutely pleased that we now not best preserved most of our built-in agreements but also saved the form ofintegrated combatants on our agenda which can be gobuilt-ing to challenge our guys and assist them grow.”

built-inintegrated most of the people of video games previously built-introducedintegrated, the Wildcats will still feature nonconference matchmakeups with the likes of Kansas, Louisville, Notre Dame, UCLA, Georgia Tech and Texas.

No exhibition games or closed scrimmages can be allowed earlier than Nov. 25, accordbuiltintegrated the NCAA division I Council, however built-ingdom builtintegrated Thursday it’ll host its annual pro Day on Nov. 12 and big Blue insanity on Nov. 20. both can be executed built-incerely built-in Memorial Coliseum with out a lovers and both may be televised built-ingintegrated SEC community.

built-in Friday, built-ingdom Athletics built-introducedintegrated a reduced capability/distanced seatintegratedg plan to host fanatics at Rmake-upp arena withbuiltintegrated healthiest way viable for the 2020-21 season based totally on the built-intersintegrated from kingdom health officials. anticipated attendance for the season may be makeup to fifteen% of built-inary area potential. All plans are challenge to exchange primarily based on evolvintegratedg builtintegrated as well asintegrated neighborhood, kingdom and countrywide public fitness trends.

the United Kbuiltintegrated ticket workplace and ok Fund will communicate directly with season ticket holders builtintegrated combuilt-ing days to provide additional builtintegrated built-inconcernbuiltintegrated 2020-21 season tickets and integrated the ticketintegratedg system. Tickets might be bought integrated season packages and k Fund priority built-inratbuiltintegrated will built-in the order for price tag task. price ticket holders are endorsed to frequently display their email for added makeupdates built-ing as much as the house opener.

The nonconference schedule will make-up way to the generally difficult SEC slate. The league has earned 15 berths built-in the closbuiltintegrated two NCAA Tournaments, the convention’s first-class -12 months stretch. The SEC built-intointegrated slated for any other built-inintegrated haul built-ing season until the COVID-19 pandemic canceled the postseason.

Basketball legend Kobe Bryant and his daughter died in a plane crash

One of the greatest basketball stars of all time failed to go on to conquer the heights. On the morning of January 26 (US time), a helicopter crashed in the Calabasas area. On the plane carrying 9 people and all 9 did not survive.

Two of the victims were basketball legend Kobe Bryant and 13-year-old daughter Gianna. Both were confirmed to have passed away from the very first announcement. Initially, the rescue team confirmed only 4 people were killed instead of 9 as reported later.

At this point, the identities of the remaining 7 people have not been announced. Bryant’s wife Vanessa has been confirmed not to board the plane with her husband and daughter. This is a news that refutes previous rumors when many people assumed that she took a fateful flight on January 26 morning.

Kobe Bryant and daughter Gianna Bryant attend a basketball game between the Los Angeles Lakers and the Dallas Mavericks on Dec. 29, 2019 in Los Angeles.

Witnesses at the scene said the plane’s engine exploded in the air before crashing directly to the ground. This is the Sikorsky S-76 helicopter that the 41-year-old legend often uses to travel.

The departure of Kobe Bryant is too painful not only for his family but also for all basketball lovers around the world. He is one of the legends of the contemporary world with 20 full career careers for the Los Angeles Lakers team. In LA, he won 18 NBA and All Stars titles before retiring in 2016.

LA Lakers hung his number 8 and 24 shirt forever in memory of the extraordinary contributions Bryant made to the team and the American basketball scene.

The name Kobe is named after Kobe beef, one of the famous Japanese beef that his family accidentally saw at the restaurant. He is the only son of Joe Bryant, also a professional basketball player in the US. This is the reason why Kobe inherited and nurtured a passion for basketball from an early age. He officially came to this sport from the age of 3. After following his father to compete in Europe, at the age of 14, Kobe returned to the US when his father officially retired. This is the start of this star’s illustrious career.

Overview of American basketball (part 2)

When it comes to professional basketball, people immediately refer to the NBA, the National Basketball Association award. Founded in New York in June 1946 under the name BAA, it was not until 1949, when it merged with competitor NBL, that the NBA officially became the NBA of now, headquartered in the Olympic tower building. 5th Avenue, New York City. The tournament was officially kicked off in the first week of November, after a month of recruiting rookies, force placement and practice.

Perhaps the most famous football team in the world is the Harlem Globetrotters team, founded in 1927 in Chicago, Illinois. This is a team full of African-American players, a combination of sports and comedy. The name Harlem comes from the name of an African-American area next to Manhattan, New York City, which broadly means the African-American community. The Harlem Globetrotters team has toured in more than 100 countries around the world, with two main competitors being Washington Generals (to 1995) and New York Nationals (from 1995 up to now).

Speaking of the best players in the American professional basketball tournament, it is impossible not to mention Lary Bird (Boston Celtics team) or Magic Johnson (Los Angeles Lakers team) in the 80s of the XX century. Magic Johnson retired from his career after 1990-1991, but later played for the US Dream Team, the US national basketball team at the 1992 Barcelona Olympics and then continued in 1995-1996 for Los. Angeles Lakers. Larry Bird, after retiring from his career, turned to coach for the Indiana Pacers team. However, the player that is known worldwide is Michael Jordan, a Chicago Bulls player, who started his career in 1982 and ended in 1999. Michael Jordan is a phenomenon of the American professional basketball scene. . He has an average score per game of 30.12, which is the highest ever. He has won the NBA 6 times with the Chicago Bulls team and was voted the greatest athlete of TK XX by ESPN magazine (Entertainment Sports Programming Network).

In addition to professional basketball, the NCAA amateur basketball tournament for college students is also very interested in Americans. Thanks to the simple tools and rules and high level of competition, basketball quickly gained popularity throughout the United States after its inception. In May 1901, Harvard, Yale, Trinity, Holy Cross, Amherst, and Williams together created the New England State College Football Championship. For the next five years, basketball was played at more than 90 universities across the country, mostly east and midwest. By 1914 basketball had spread to 360 university students. In 1937, the first national college basketball tournament was held in Kansas City, Missourri State. Later, the college amateur basketball tournament was hosted by the NCAA, the American amateur sports federation, which attracted the attention of millions of Americans, and sometimes even more so. profession.

Overview of American basketball (part 1)

Until now, basketball is a popular sport and is known the world. However, very few people fully understand its stained history. Those who are interested must know the name James Naismith, who invented basketball. He studied at McGill University, Montreal, Quebéc and became head of the physical education department of this school. In 1891, he transferred to the YMCA (school of the American Youth Association) in Springfield, Massachusetts, USA. Basketball was born here. The idea of ​​basketball comes from a little kid game, duck on rock (this game requires the player to throw a stone at the head of a duck or possibly anything placed on top of a rock. However, it was not until the task of finding a new indoor sport suitable for students to play in the winter that this idea was finalized.

2/27/2017 Women’s Basketball vs. Memphis by Jackson Haigis The UConn women’s basketball team defeated Memphis 91-48 on senior day at Gamble Pavilion. Katie Lou Samuelson led the Huskies with 29 points.

Naismith found a sport not only based on individual strength, but also on the ingenuity and teamwork of the students. He divided the 18 students he was in charge of into two teams, each with 9 members, and appointed the captain of each team. Then, he took two peach baskets and tied them to two opposite barriers of the gymnasium for golf. The two teams must find a way to put the ball in the other team’s golf, but follow the 13 rules that Naismith has set. These are the 13 basic rules of basketball, now with many more rules and rules added. Golf courses first are baskets with sealed bottoms, and then converted to metal rim golf and bottom nets. In 1892, Senda Berenson Abbott made basketball a sport for women.

Currently, basketball is considered as an effective method of exercise both to improve health and to reduce stress, very popular among the American population as well as around the world. Many American girls and boys take Michael Jordan or Magic Johnson as their idols, and practice hard, dreaming of one day becoming a basketball superstar. And so, basketball is not only a game, a sport but also gives people, especially young people, dreams and hopes, that is culture.

UK Men’s Basketball to Host Texas in SEC/Big 12 Challenge

The Kentucky men’s basketball team will host in Texas on Jan. 30 in Rupp Arena. The matchup will mark simply the third all-time assembly among the two faculties.

it will additionally be a reunion of kinds for Kentucky staffer Jai Lucas, who got here on board throughout the offseason to be uk’s special assistant to the pinnacle instruct/recruiting coordinator after seven seasons in Austin, Texas.

The Southeastern conference has installed Dec. 29 and 30 as the new start dates for the convention schedule.

the entire agenda is predicted to be released soon. Kentucky is hopeful to honor a lot of its previously announced nonconference video games.

The 2021 slate of SEC/Big 12 undertaking games will mark the eighth season of the once a year occasion among the SEC and the massive 12 and the sixth straight wherein all 10 video games of the task could be played on the same day. The four SEC groups not collaborating will play each other in convention video games the same day.

Ten of the SEC’s 14 teams will take part inside the 2021 venture against all 10 of the huge 12’s establishments, with each convention hosting five video games apiece.

All 10 video games will air across ESPN, ESPN2 and ESPNU and may be to be had on the ESPN app. in addition to sport instances, network designations might be introduced later for the mission.

The mission has been as correct as marketed in current years. In 2020, the 2 conferences went 5-5 within the venture, and during the last four seasons, the leagues are 20-20 vs. each other.

uk is 4-three inside the SEC/massive 12 venture and has gained three immediately video games inside the occasion. The Wildcats went right into a hostile environment in Lubbock, Texas ultimate season and defeated the nationally ranked Texas Tech pink Raiders seventy eight-76 in extra time way to a monster sport from 2020 NBA Draft hopeful Nick Richards.

The SEC, of course, has been one of the exceptional meetings inside the us of a during the last three seasons. After a league-high 8 packages made the NCAA match in 2018, every other seven earned a berth in 2019. The SEC superior groups to the Elite 8, one to the very last 4 and published a 12-7 report in NCAA tournament play in 2019. The league became looking forward to every other big postseason haul earlier than the COVID-19 pandemic pressured the cancellation of the postseason in 2020.

Kentucky and Texas remaining met Dec. five, 2014 in Rupp arena within the 2nd season of SEC/Big 12 challenge. The top-ranked Wildcats gained sixty three-fifty one over the No. 6/7 Longhorns in the back of 21 factors and 12 rebounds from All-American Willie Cauley-Stein.

The handiest different matchup between the 2 schools turned into in December 1993 for the Maui Invitational. uk additionally won that game, 86-61, in Hawaii.

Texas became 19-12 ultimate season and nine-nine in league play. The Longhorns are as experienced as any crew within the u . s . a .. They return all 14 in their gamers who regarded in a sport in 2019-20 and upload to the roster a pinnacle-10 recruit in ahead Greg Brown III. protected in the returners are main scorer Matt Coleman III, who averaged 12.7 points in line with sport and the crew’s main rebounder at eight.2 boards consistent with recreation in Jericho Simms. Coleman has started out in 101 of his 102 career video games performed and became an All-big 12 1/3 group choice a season ago.

How LeBron James changed the NBA (part 2)

Aspiration to reach the peak is growing, and James decided to switch to Heat to play alongside Dwyane Wade and Chris Bosh. They were the two big NBA stars at the time. This decision makes James a thorn in the eyes of fans for a long time. Not a small part of Cleveland fans expressed their disappointment by burning James’s jersey.

Heat immediately dominates the tournament with James. In 4 years in Heat, James won 2 championships and 2 times received Finals MVP (best player in the final series).

Once at the top, James decided to leave Heat to return to the old team Cavaliers. This makes James once again receive resentment from a large part of Heat fans. James’s jerseys continued to be burned. No player in NBA history has been burned as much as James.

James decides to return to the Cavaliers to fulfill his promise of finding the championship for the city of Cleveland. Finally, James also fulfilled his promise when he helped the Cavaliers win the championship in 2016. However, the short reunion period with the Cavaliers also shows how great James’s power is.

The King was no longer a mere star player, but he also influenced the transfer decisions and building the team play. Even, he influences the coach’s decisions in matches.

Now, James continues to influence decisions to build a team in the Lakers. The deal that brought Anthony Davis from New Orleans Pelicans was more or less an impact of James. In order to bring an almighty big man like Davis to play alongside James, the Lakers leadership accepted to cede many talented young players such as Lonzo Ball, Brandon Ingram, Josh Hart to the Pelicans. Not stopping there, the Kentavious Caldwell-Pope, Kyle Kuzma, Alex Caruso or Danny Green are kept or brought back just because they are suitable to play with James.

The Lakers are also away from the 17th championship in history after leading Heat 3-1 in NBA Finals 2020. James took a year to bring the Lakers back to the position since Kobe Bryant’s time. All that shows why so many teams are willing to give so many things to have James in the squad.

How LeBron James changed the NBA (part 1)

At 35, LeBron James remains the most influential and resilient basketball player at the height of his glory in the NBA.

James was one of those players who skipped college level to get straight into the NBA. Before that, James’s name became famous as an alcohol when he competed in high school basketball tournaments in the US.

Even the media favorably gave James the nickname ‘The King’ when he was young. With talent and media acclaim, James of course became the first choice in the NBA Draft 2003.

James immediately established himself as a promising player with an average of 20.9 points in the rookie season. He has risen to the ranks of big stars and has been in the league’s top scorers since season 2. At 35, LeBron James remains the most influential and resilient basketball player. Glorious heights in the NBA.

Always in the debate about the Greatest Of All Time of basketball, but James completely outperformed Michael Jordan and Kobe Bryant. One of the biggest reasons is that James is not sticking to the top of glory with a team that has chosen to enter the NBA like Jordan or Bryant.

Jordan led the Chicago Bulls to dominate the tournament in the 1990s with six championships. Bryant devoted his entire career to the Los Angeles Lakers with five championships. Meanwhile, James won 3 NBA championships with 2 different teams, the Miami Heat and the Cleveland Cavaliers.

James is facing the opportunity to grow to the 4th championship in his career with the Lakers. So James is likely to win the NBA championship with 3 different teams.

NBA history has seen many players stick with a team for a long time and then end their careers without a championship. However, they still honor and receive respect from fans for their loyalty. However, James is not. He is ready to move to a new team to find championship opportunities.

James had been with the Cavaliers for the first seven seasons of his career, but was helpless in finding the title. The Cavaliers build a gameplay around James, but absolutely no other stars.

Brockton’s Nisre Zouzoua to play professional basketball in France

The guard, who scored 1,355 factors all through his college profession at Bryant and Nevada, leaves for Europe Monday after signing with Dax Gamarde of the Nationale Masculine league.

He was again at the Brockton YMCA, getting in a exercise earlier than beginning the subsequent chapter in a basketball career, one that will appear in a expert league overseas.

The Brockton resident, who performed for the University of Nevada the past two seasons, signed a contract on Wednesday to play for Dax Gamarde of the Nationale Masculine 1 league in France.

Zouzoua will fly to Europe on Monday and be a part of a group that opened the 2020-21 season Friday with a 64-62 victory over Rennes.

After enjoying freshman, junior varsity and varsity basketball for three years at Brockton High School, two seasons at Boston Trinity Academy, two seasons at Bryant University and two extra at Nevada, Zouzoua gets to proceed lifestyles in basketball at the professional level.

“It’s an remarkable feeling, without a doubt a blessing,″ stated Zouzoua. “It’s been a lot of unseen hours in the gym.

“Basically anybody knows I grew up in the Brockton YMCA. That’s the place I was once at like 24-7. I just acquired achieved there taking pictures (Friday), so it was kind of nostalgic to see how a long way I’ve come. I wouldn’t be capable to do it besides the support of my friends and household around me.″

The 6-foot-3 guard transferred to Boston Trinity Academy after one varsity season with Brockton High and scored more than 1,000 factors whilst being named the New England Prep player of the year.

He made the Northeast Conference all-rookie crew as a freshman at Bryant, averaging 12.8 points, then was named to the all-conference first team as a sophomore, scoring 20.3 points.

Zouzoua transferred to Nevada, and after sitting out the 2017-18 season in accordance with NCAA rules, not often performed in the 2018-19 season, getting simply six minutes per game.

But final season, below new educate Steve Alford, Zouzoua became the Mountain West Conference sixth man of the year, averaging 9.8 points in 24 minutes and scoring in double figures sixteen times.

Now, he will be taking part in in a 28-team seasoned league for a team positioned in Gamarde-les-Bains in the southwest phase of France. Another Brockton resident, former Avon High and UMass Lowell standout protect Akeem Williams, has been enjoying in France due to the fact that the 2014-15 season.

“I’m extremely excited for the opportunity, honestly,″ stated Zouzoua, who scored 1,355 points in college. “God is true and He honestly blessed me and put me in a function to play professionally. Just being capable to residing out my dream and enjoying the game I love is super to me. It’s some thing I continually dreamed about.″

Zouzoua has now not performed a sport seeing that March 5 when he had 11 points in 29 minutes all through Nevada’s loss to Wyoming in the Mountain West tournament in Las Vegas.

He graduated from Nevada in the spring and has been in Brockton ever since, ready for an chance foreign places to materialize. Due to the COVID-19 pandemic, the method was once slow, however Zouzoua found a team thru his agent at Duran International Sports Management.

“I saved in contact with my excellent agent, Duran Management, and they have been in talks with a couple of groups from Spain and a couple of teams from France,″ said Zouzoua. “We just selected this team. I thought it was once the fine possibility right now, specifically with the coronavirus going on.

The NM 1 league is the third tier in a five-tier machine in France. Games are unfold out at some point of the fall and wintry weather with lots of exercise time.

Zouzoua has been to Europe twice before, taking part in towards first division groups from Italy for the duration of a day trip there whilst at Bryant and traveling relatives in Paris when he was once about eleven years old.

He stated that his uncles and cousins living now “are without a doubt going to come down and watch a couple of video games for the duration of the season.″

Zouzoua is a twin citizen of the United States and the Ivory Coast, the place his father is from, so he won’t be classified as an import participant with Dax Gamarde.

The team’s subsequent game is Tuesday in opposition to Union Tarbes Lourdes and Zouzoua is anxious to play again after a seven-month layoff.

NBA 2020: LeBron James makes it to the All-NBA First Team for the 16th time

Los Angeles Lakers star LeBron James has been on a par with many other legends when he entered the All-NBA flagship for the 16th time.

LeBron James once again engraved his name in history when making his 16th entry into the NBA’s flagship squad. In the 17th year of his career, the LA Lakers star leveled the record for the most times in the All-NBA squad held by legendary Kobe Bryant, Tim Duncan and Kareem Abdul-Jabbar.

James is one of five players elected to the top squad, alongside Giannis Antetokounmpo, James Harden, Luka Doncic and teammate Anthony Davis. This is the 13th time in LeBron’s career that he was elected to the All-NBA First Team. He had 11 consecutive years in the squad before getting injured last season.

With the presence of James and Davis, the number one NBA lineup for the first time ever had two players from the same team since 2007 when Steve Nash and A’mare Stoudemire helped the Phoenix Suns have an impressive season. LA Lakers used to have two pairs of players who did the same thing: Magic Johnson – Kareem Abdul-Jabbar (2 times) and Shaquille O’Neal – Kobe Bryant (3 times).

NEW ORLEANS, LOUISIANA – NOVEMBER 27: Anthony Davis #3 of the Los Angeles Lakers and LeBron James #23 of the Los Angeles Lakers talk during the game against the New Orleans Pelicans at Smoothie King Center on November 27, 2019 in New Orleans, Louisiana. NOTE TO USER: User expressly acknowledges and agrees that, by downloading and/or using this photograph, user is consenting to the terms and conditions of the Getty Images License Agreement (Photo by Chris Graythen/Getty Images)

In the second team, there were Chris Paul, Damian Lillard, Pascal Siakam, Kawhi Leonard and Nikola Jokic. The third line-up included Ben Simmons, Russell Westbrook, Jayson Tatum, Jimmy Butler and Rudy Gobert.

With Gobert 31 points behind, Joel Embiid was not included in all three All-NBA squads this year. He needs to return to the top 15 player of the tournament next year if he wants to receive a supermax contract next year. Some unfortunate absent names are Bam Adebayo, Kyle Lowry or Trae Young.

Meanwhile, Rudy Gobert was eligible to sign supermax in the summer of next year after having made it into the lineup for two consecutive years. Pascal Siakam and Ben Simmons both increased their income to 28% of their salary fund thanks to this year’s achievements.