Not only domestic tournaments, the Chinese basketball team has filled other countries with seemingly nothing !

  1. Puerto Rico (July 2005)

In a situation that Manuel Narvaez accidentally made a mistake when rebounding, suddenly two Chinese players, Li Nan and Mo Ke, went crazy. They started to start the fight in the excitement of the fans.
Bottles of water, sandals and Chinese fans’ seats are thrown straight at the Puerto Rico players, under the pitch are the kick fists and the chase of the home team player for the away team.

After 30 hours traveling to China, what the Puerto Rico players received turned out to be fists and bottles. Under pressure from public opinion, the Chinese players apologized and promised not to repeat them, but some of them still appeared in the attack against the Brazilian players five years later!

  1. Brazil (2010)

The attack on Brazilian players exposed the violent character of Chinese basketball. The countless videos on the internet are indisputable evidence.

The players from the Americas reacted weakly and of course they were the team that got hit more. With a familiar scenario, the Chinese players continue to plunge into the Brazilian dressing room attack tunnel, fortunately no more unfortunate incident happened.

  1. American club Georgetown Hoyas (August 2011)

The NCAA Georgetown Hoyas Club had a friendly match with Bayi Rockets, the Chinese People’s Liberation Army (PLA) basketball team.

Cruelly, PLA soldiers applied both basketball and martial arts to a friendly match with the American student team. Once again the host players started and rushed to attack the visitors, the Hoyas fought weakly before fleeing into the tunnel in the helplessness of the police.

Basketball lovers all over the world are horrified to see the matches that can turn into arena at any time. CBA apologized again, and fortunately after 9 years the violence no longer happened !

3 Chinese Basketball’s Most Terrifying Violence
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