The Chicago Bulls have spent less than a week interviewing candidates for the position of Vice President of Basketball, but they do not take too long to identify a key option. According to journalist Adrian Wojnarowski, GM of the Denver Nuggets, Arturas Karnisovas is about to reach an agreement with the windy city team.

Karnisovas was the best player in Europe in 1996 and won two Olympic bronze medals with the Lithuanian team. After retiring in 2002 in a Barcelona shirt, he worked on the NBA Organizing Committee for 5 years. Karnisovas was a scout for the Houston Rockets before assuming the position of Assistant Executive Director at the Denver Nuggets in 2013.

During his years at Nuggets, he contributed greatly to bringing promising young stars like Jamal Murray or Nikola Jokic, besides building a depth squad with faces like Paul Millsap, Gary Harris. The 48-year-old executive was promoted to the position of General Manager (GM) in 2017.

Contributing greatly to bringing the Nuggets into the Playoffs in recent years, especially helping this team to be second in the West and to the semifinals last season, Arturas Karnisovas is rewarded with a contract. lasted many years.

As the Vice President of Basketball, Arturas Karnisovas will have full power to choose the next CEO of the Chicago Bulls. Karnisovas’ predecessor, John Paxson, retired as an adviser, while the current GM, Gar Forman, was most likely transferred to the position of scout.

Chicago Bulls are no longer a power in the NBA and have been deviating in the last 5 years, when they only entered the Playoffs exactly once. The team owns many young talents but have not been able to find the key face to trust after exchanging Jimmy Butler.

Karnisovas’ predecessor, John Paxson, has run the Chicago Bulls since 2003. He inherited the role of legendary Jerry Klause, who laid the foundations for the club’s only 6 NBA championships in the Michael Jordan era.

With the Chicago Bulls, the priority now is to leverage existing resources, taking advantage of talented young players as a pillar, like what is happening at the Denver Nuggets. Most likely coach Jim Boylen will have to leave, giving way to a new coach who is pleased with the current player.

Arturas Karnisovas: Who is the one expected to revive the Chicago Bulls empire?