Coming to basketball, whether you are a beginner or a veteran, you must know the basic movements below.

  1. Tripple Threat

This is the action that you will often need to use when you receive the ball and start other moves such as throwing, passing, dribbling, authoring, etc. Then you easily attack the enemy. And it also helps you avoid stealing the ball from the back as well as the front.

  1. Frame to throw the ball

Handball is one of the most important movements in basketball, Each person will have a different way of throwing but to achieve accuracy and stability, you need a standard form of pitching.

  1. Jump Stop & Pivot

This movement gives us a good start before throwing the ball. Remember, when touching the ground, two feet must touch the ground at the same time, and one foot can be used as a pillar and the other foot can use one more step. If you notice, this gesture also helps us perfect our toddler skill.

  1. Lay-up

This is also one of the important basic techniques that you need to master. Pay attention when performing the right steps to be considered successful. Laying up the right hand, the step will be leap left foot, up the left hand step back. When stomping, the remaining knee bends, the other hand spreads to limit the opponent but not to play elbows on others.

  1. Chest Pass

This is the most basic pass in basketball. You may not learn to pitch first, but you must learn to pass first. Because this is a team sport, if you can’t pass the ball to your teammates correctly then 90% of you will lose.

  1. Bounce Pass

After a straight pass, the movement of turning the ground is also considered to be the most basic. Using this pass is very effective, it is hard for the opponent to catch the ball!

  1. Defensive Close-Out

When your opponent receives the ball from a pass, you need to get as close to the opponent as possible to slow down the opponent’s attack pace. For a firm defensive posture, you need to lower the focus, in the final steps need to stomp fast. It will help you distract while limiting the enemy through people.

Basic Basketball Movements That Everybody Knows
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