Everyone knows that basketball is a sport that requires very high individual skill. It also requires good stamina, but what’s most important is the personal technique. Because, for example, when a basketball player is running with the ball, he must be qualified enough to see where his teammates are, to pass the ball, or even where to pass the ball. At the same time, he also has to observe and how to keep the empty ball in the opponent’s hand while the pace of the game is very fast, the pitch is narrow, the distance between players is too short. This is a very big challenge that if not a highly technical individual player can not do. On the other hand, this requires the individual efforts of the players to practice on the training ground.

But basketball is a team sport. Therefore, if any athlete can show off his personal technique without coordinating with his teammates, he cannot create a victory. This is the reason why teamwork is at the forefront, just as the importance of teamwork in American society today. Team spirit in basketball also shows the community connection in American society, because in a football team, whether he is of African or European origin, whether he is of higher or lower level, he must. work together in the best way, to create a common victory. And as mentioned above, this contributes to the elimination of racial stigma among the American people.

No one can deny the effects basketball has on American popular culture today. Basketball stars today have turned the values ​​of street life into trendy trends, such as shaving heads and tattoos or wearing soft-soled shoes. Examples of the popularity of tattooing that basketball players have brought to American pop culture can be cited here.

In short, with its superiority, basketball now still depicts the characteristics of American culture, but has been popular not only in all parts of America, but also everywhere in the world. gender. Like Mc Donald’s fast food, Kentucky fried chicken or Ford cars, basketball has become an American cultural identity that has a strong influence on world culture. Basketball has proven its importance in the cultural and spiritual life of the American people. Moreover, it also proves to be the sport of the future, representing a knowledge economy. It uses the flexibility and acumen of thinking, not just relying on ordinary physical strength.

Basketball is changing the USA
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