NBA competition rate is extremely high. Every year, tens of thousands of basketball players in the world practice and compete with the hope of catching the eye of NBA scouts. If only within the United States, the odds of getting into the NBA are extremely high.

Usually high school basketball teams in the US are divided into 3 levels. The players have to compete fiercely to be able to occupy a position in the main team. Next, the players must be the main stars that can hope to receive scholarships or join the teams in NCAA Division 1 (the highest level student basketball in the United States).

The NCAA is home to some of the best players in high school and 4200. However, only about 50-60 NCAA players are selected into the NBA each year. In addition, young talents at the NCAA also face competition from thousands of professional basketball players playing outside the United States.

NBA is the most attractive and talented basketball tournament in the world. Players must compete hard and impress most to be one of the 30 NBA teams selected.

NBA consists of 30 teams, the list of teams in the NBA tournament is a list of all NBA teams playing in Eastern and Western conferences. The first NBA basketball championship trophy was created and awarded in 1977 by designer Tiffany & Co. The 18-kilogram trophy, originally named after Walter A. Brown (who turned Boston into a basketball mecca) was later renamed in 1984 after former commissioner Larry O’Brien.

30 basketball teams will battle through 82 regular matches to have a chance to take home the NBA basketball championship trophy. Each winning team is allowed to hold the NBA basketball cup that year and each player in the winning team will receive their own NBA championship ring. These rings are like a symbol and a personal reminder of the achievements they’ve achieved in the last tournament and made them continue to try harder.

How Hard Is It to Get into The NBA? (part 3)
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