At 35, LeBron James remains the most influential and resilient basketball player at the height of his glory in the NBA.

James was one of those players who skipped college level to get straight into the NBA. Before that, James’s name became famous as an alcohol when he competed in high school basketball tournaments in the US.

Even the media favorably gave James the nickname ‘The King’ when he was young. With talent and media acclaim, James of course became the first choice in the NBA Draft 2003.

James immediately established himself as a promising player with an average of 20.9 points in the rookie season. He has risen to the ranks of big stars and has been in the league’s top scorers since season 2. At 35, LeBron James remains the most influential and resilient basketball player. Glorious heights in the NBA.

Always in the debate about the Greatest Of All Time of basketball, but James completely outperformed Michael Jordan and Kobe Bryant. One of the biggest reasons is that James is not sticking to the top of glory with a team that has chosen to enter the NBA like Jordan or Bryant.

Jordan led the Chicago Bulls to dominate the tournament in the 1990s with six championships. Bryant devoted his entire career to the Los Angeles Lakers with five championships. Meanwhile, James won 3 NBA championships with 2 different teams, the Miami Heat and the Cleveland Cavaliers.

James is facing the opportunity to grow to the 4th championship in his career with the Lakers. So James is likely to win the NBA championship with 3 different teams.

NBA history has seen many players stick with a team for a long time and then end their careers without a championship. However, they still honor and receive respect from fans for their loyalty. However, James is not. He is ready to move to a new team to find championship opportunities.

James had been with the Cavaliers for the first seven seasons of his career, but was helpless in finding the title. The Cavaliers build a gameplay around James, but absolutely no other stars.

How LeBron James changed the NBA (part 1)
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