Aspiration to reach the peak is growing, and James decided to switch to Heat to play alongside Dwyane Wade and Chris Bosh. They were the two big NBA stars at the time. This decision makes James a thorn in the eyes of fans for a long time. Not a small part of Cleveland fans expressed their disappointment by burning James’s jersey.

Heat immediately dominates the tournament with James. In 4 years in Heat, James won 2 championships and 2 times received Finals MVP (best player in the final series).

Once at the top, James decided to leave Heat to return to the old team Cavaliers. This makes James once again receive resentment from a large part of Heat fans. James’s jerseys continued to be burned. No player in NBA history has been burned as much as James.

James decides to return to the Cavaliers to fulfill his promise of finding the championship for the city of Cleveland. Finally, James also fulfilled his promise when he helped the Cavaliers win the championship in 2016. However, the short reunion period with the Cavaliers also shows how great James’s power is.

The King was no longer a mere star player, but he also influenced the transfer decisions and building the team play. Even, he influences the coach’s decisions in matches.

Now, James continues to influence decisions to build a team in the Lakers. The deal that brought Anthony Davis from New Orleans Pelicans was more or less an impact of James. In order to bring an almighty big man like Davis to play alongside James, the Lakers leadership accepted to cede many talented young players such as Lonzo Ball, Brandon Ingram, Josh Hart to the Pelicans. Not stopping there, the Kentavious Caldwell-Pope, Kyle Kuzma, Alex Caruso or Danny Green are kept or brought back just because they are suitable to play with James.

The Lakers are also away from the 17th championship in history after leading Heat 3-1 in NBA Finals 2020. James took a year to bring the Lakers back to the position since Kobe Bryant’s time. All that shows why so many teams are willing to give so many things to have James in the squad.

How LeBron James changed the NBA (part 2)
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