The American Professional Basketball League (NBA) is the dream and ultimate goal of every basketball player’s career.
Unlike other sports, basketball has a huge difference between the number one tournament and the rest of the world. Currently, the NBA is the only league in basketball with high player quality, media appeal and income.

According to estimates by FIBA ​​(World Basketball Federation), there are at least 450 million basketball players on the planet, including hundreds of thousands of professional and amateur players. Every basketball player in the world dreams of playing in the NBA, even once.

Basketball players have to go through harsh training and intense competition from so many colleagues to be able to come to the NBA.

American basketball and the rest of the world
Basketball was created by American physical teacher James Naismith in 1891 in Springfield, Massachusetts, USA. Later, Americans soon developed the rules and made basketball a professional sport.

In 1898, the American Basketball League (NBL) was established and became one of the first sports tournaments in the world. Then BAA, NBA and ABA basketball tournaments were born in the US.

Through decades of competition and merger, the NBA became the only basketball tournament in the United States in 1976. In addition, Americans also build a youth tournament system at all levels from elementary and high school to to college.

These tournaments are the foundation for American basketball to develop and produce many generations of talented players. The best players will be in the NBA, while the rest will turn to play and become the top star in many leagues around the world.

Americans soon introduced basketball to the rest of the world through missionaries and sailors on ocean liners. Even basketball has appeared in China and the Philippines since the late 19th century, just a few years after the sport was born.

As Americans continually develop and build dense tournaments from all levels, the rest of the world is a different story. The rest of the world views basketball as merely an entertaining game and is not interested in developing a professional league.

How to compete in the world’s number one basketball tournament