1. What is rebound in basketball?

In basketball terms, rebound is a basic move / technique that any player must understand and learn. Rebound also known as catching the ball turned on the board. Rebound occurs when the player takes possession of the ball after a missed throw / a missed shot from the backboard (which may be a normal throw, a 3-point throw or a free throw) from the player / himself team or opponent. There are only two main types of rebound basketball, including:

Offensive rebounds: the attacking team misses the ball, catches the ball and makes the next throw.
Defendsive rebounds: defending team catches the ball when the attacking team misses a throw.

  1. How to rebound in basketball

Many people often mistakenly think that only players with good height will have a high rebound index. However, anyone can improve this skill if they practice the following rebound exercises regularly.

Practice jumping

To win bigger opponents in the rebound dispute, you have to be able to jump better than them. The exercises that help this ability can be mentioned as skipping rope, squat, weight lifting, …

Guess the direction of the ball

Playing sports not only strengthens your body but also requires quick thinking especially for rebound skills. First of all, you have to stand before the basket half the distance from the basket to the free throw line. Next, you throw the ball hard on the board and when the ball bounces out, try to guess the direction, catch the ball completely and land on stability.

Rebound attack

This is one of the important techniques to bring high efficiency in basketball competition. Players need to practice additional throwing skills after catching the ball turned on the board from the team throw slip. To practice, players need to stand about 6-7 feet away from the basket, throw the ball to turn on the board, catch the ball and continue to perform throws.

Rebound tips-in

It can be said that this is the most difficult technique to rebound in basketball because it requires players to have a great physical strength. The way to practice like rebound attacks differs only when the ball bounces, the player needs to judge the right time to jump and try to contact the ball with the fingers. This exercise requires players to change positions constantly to get the best ball feeling.

How to practice rebound in basketball to get the best effect
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