The Los Angeles Lakers player has one more individual award in the last days of 2020.

Lebron James was selected as the male athlete of the year by the AP news agency. This is the fourth time in a row, this pioneer has received the honor of 35 journalists and editors of the famous news agency. In 2020, Lebron James helped Los Angeles Lakers win the NBA championship, he himself also won the 4th player title of the final series (Finals MVP) for the fourth time.

No NBA player has scored more points and assists than James in 2020, even though it was the MVP last season of Giannis Antetokoumnpo. Not only outstanding in terms of expertise, James also has many social activities such as joining the anti-racist movement or continuing to invest in charity projects for poor children. Thus, James was in balance with Tiger Woods and Lance Armstrong in terms of number of times won the title of male athlete of the year by AP.

The first time LeBron won an award 8 years ago. It was 2012 when he and the Miami Heat won the NBA, won Finals MVP and won the Olympic gold medal with the US team. The second time he won the award was in 2016 when he and the Cavaliers won the Warrios in the NBA Finals.

This year’s “King James” victory came not simply for professional reasons on the pitch. Another big part comes from his being one of the most active in the fight for black equality in America. Not only that, his loud voice about the presidential election campaign has contributed to the record high rate of US voters.

This victory is extremely deserving of LeBron James. The year 2020 is full of challenges and upheavals, and sport is among the most affected fields. But LeBron used his influence to contribute to the community.

In addition to speaking, LeBron James also shows his responsibility in making those things come true. When his I Promise school was closed due to Covid-19, free meals sponsored by LeBron personally provided a daily full meal to each student.

LeBron James wins AP’s 2020 Male Athlete of the Year
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