The number of jerseys in basketball has extremely special meanings. It is not only a symbol for each player but also a number to help distinguish and identify players in the same team or rival team. The following article will share with you the meaning of the shirt number in basketball and the numbers associated with basketball legends.

The number of jerseys certainly does not directly affect the players’ ability to play basketball. However, the shirt number always has a certain meaning to the players, especially very important for the fans. As a basketball player, everyone has some tight shirts from the first time they play and so do the NBA basketball stars. Let’s find out the meaning of NBA superstar shirt numbers!

No. 23 of the legendary American basketball professional – Michael Jordan

If you’re a basketball fan, when it comes to the number of 23 stars in basketball, we can’t help but mention Michael Jordan. Speaking of which, you probably understand the meaning of the number of shirts in basketball. Michael Jordan, nicknamed Air Jordan, wears 23 and is known for his trademark Dunk plays for the Chicago Bulls.

Lebron James numbers 6 and 23

Many Lebron Jame fans all mention the beloved number 6 in the early days when Jame joined Miami Heat. The number 6 shirt made King Jame’s name when this player was rated on par with Michael Jordan wearing the number 23 shirt because of his talent in basketball.

Basketball shirt number 35 in basketball star Kevin Durant

Few fans know what Kevin Durant’s number 35 means to remember Charles Craig’s age. Charles Craig is a teacher, a coach, a father who has been caring for Kevin Durant since the age of 8. In memory of Charles Craig, Durant chose the number 35 as the number of jerseys in his basketball career.

Through the above article, you probably partly understand what the number of shirts in basketball is like. Right now choose an impressive number of shirts or shirts before you learn basketball.

Meaning Behind Jersey Numbers of NBA Stars
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