The Chinese Supreme Court sentenced Jordan’s trademark company to a lawsuit against a Chinese company.

Michael Jordan has been sentenced by the Chinese Supreme Court to win a lawsuit over Chinese companies using his name to do business for years. NBA legend Michael Jordan has eight years of pursuing a legal battle with Qiaodan Sports brand based in Fujian province, China.

In Chinese, Qiaodan means Jordan. This is one of the great symbols of the US-China trade war in many fields, especially piracy and the misleading names of the stars of many Chinese companies.

The Supreme Court of China concluded that the sporting goods manufacturer in Fujian province named Qiaodan was a violation of the commercial rights of American basketball legend Michael Jordan. The Supreme Court ruling this time overturned two previous ruling in favor of this Chinese company. However, two categories of sports shoes named Jumpman and Air Jordan of this company still have the right to exist, which means the name and product are not revoked.

Jumpman basketball shoes are still implied by consumers as Jordan. And Air Jordan product also means air and height, related to basketball players, everyone assumes it is the product represented by the American basketball legend.

Michael Jordan is an American basketball legend whose name is associated with major brands that create enormous commercial value. While playing, Jordan played for the Chicago Bull and won the National Basketball Association (NBA) six times.

The Chinese sports goods company has 5,700 stores and branches across the country with fraudulent names such as Qiaodan, Flying Power and Qiaodan King. In 2017, the brand New Balance was also paid a $ 1.5 million by a Chinese sportswear company for similar piracy.

The case of Michael Jordan was considered a rare event when a Western representative company won a lawsuit against a Chinese company in China.

Michael Jordan Wins Copyright Lawsuit Against Chinese Brand
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