Until now, basketball is a popular sport and is known the world. However, very few people fully understand its stained history. Those who are interested must know the name James Naismith, who invented basketball. He studied at McGill University, Montreal, Quebéc and became head of the physical education department of this school. In 1891, he transferred to the YMCA (school of the American Youth Association) in Springfield, Massachusetts, USA. Basketball was born here. The idea of ​​basketball comes from a little kid game, duck on rock (this game requires the player to throw a stone at the head of a duck or possibly anything placed on top of a rock. However, it was not until the task of finding a new indoor sport suitable for students to play in the winter that this idea was finalized.

2/27/2017 Women’s Basketball vs. Memphis by Jackson Haigis The UConn women’s basketball team defeated Memphis 91-48 on senior day at Gamble Pavilion. Katie Lou Samuelson led the Huskies with 29 points.

Naismith found a sport not only based on individual strength, but also on the ingenuity and teamwork of the students. He divided the 18 students he was in charge of into two teams, each with 9 members, and appointed the captain of each team. Then, he took two peach baskets and tied them to two opposite barriers of the gymnasium for golf. The two teams must find a way to put the ball in the other team’s golf, but follow the 13 rules that Naismith has set. These are the 13 basic rules of basketball, now with many more rules and rules added. Golf courses first are baskets with sealed bottoms, and then converted to metal rim golf and bottom nets. In 1892, Senda Berenson Abbott made basketball a sport for women.

Currently, basketball is considered as an effective method of exercise both to improve health and to reduce stress, very popular among the American population as well as around the world. Many American girls and boys take Michael Jordan or Magic Johnson as their idols, and practice hard, dreaming of one day becoming a basketball superstar. And so, basketball is not only a game, a sport but also gives people, especially young people, dreams and hopes, that is culture.

Overview of American basketball (part 1)
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