Shaun Livingston miraculously returned four terrible injuries at the same time, playing 14 more seasons and ending his career with three NBA championships.

In 2007, Shaun Livingston suffered the most terrible injury in the history of basketball, even sports. Livingston’s left knee flexed after a failed landing in the basket. The knee was completely disfigured, filled with blood and oozed pus. Speaking to The Undefeated in 2016, he said he couldn’t move it. He felt like he had an extra leg.

Livingston had a mixture of trauma that included a tearing of the anterior cross ligament, a tear in the posterior cross ligament, a torn ligament between the knee and ruptured meniscus. In other words, Livingston’s left knee was completely destroyed. The injury was so serious that ESPNews had to issue a warning to the audience on television.

Doctors used to think that Livingston had to amputate part of Livingston’s left leg to prevent his knee from becoming necrotic. Livingston’s promising career came to a close after that trauma. Fortunately, Livingston did not have to amputate and performed normal surgery. However, many medical experts believe that Livingston will lose the ability to play basketball after recovering.

Livingston miraculously recovered after 16 months of serious effort and training. However, the Los Angeles Clippers decided not to renew their contract with Livingston. Clippers physiotherapist Tony Daly told ESPN that this is the most serious injury a player can experience in his knee. He may be out of action for many years to come.

Livingston started his return to the basketball court, playing for eight different teams in 11 NBA seasons. He never developed his expected potential. He entered the final years of his glorious career when he joined the Golden State Warriors in 2014.

Livingston acted as a substitute for Stephen Curry and Klay Thompson at the Oracle Arena. He has something many players who have strived for their careers still cannot touch is the NBA championship. Livingston won three NBA titles in his five seasons with the Warriors.

The Livingston story has become an inspiration for generations of players who unfortunately suffered serious injuries in the future. In September 2019, Livingston announced his retirement after 15 years of top competition.

Shaun Livingston: The player who almost got his leg amputated and the NBA champion
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